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The UniteHub is an open platform for hardware connectors & drivers in the laboratory environment. Connectors are contributed by companies and individuals and can be accessed for free.

Do you want to get started on building device integrations for your laboratory? Or have you already built integrations based on standards like SiLA 2 or OPC-UA? By contributing, you can help solve one of the biggest challenges of our industry! And we provide tools that make the development of connectors as easy as never before.

UniteLabs Connector Framework

We have developed a toolkit, called the UniteLabs Connector Framework, that streamlines the development of connectors. By providing a guideline and abstracting as much boilerplate as possible, we develop standard-compliant connectors in a breeze - and you can too!

To solve the integration dilemma, we have made the Framework open source - and more tools will follow! The only thing we ask in return for this gift is that you also contribute to the community: Publish your connectors on the UniteHub and give us your valuable feedback on the Framework!

Connector Development Resources

Here, we are going to publish resources, documentation, and tutorials on how to develop performant, scalable, and consistent connectors.

Coming soon! Please don't hesitate to get in touch at